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Evil, in the form of a delusional doctor, lurks behind a smile, while he covertly plans to steal the renowned Doctor Lee’s medical miracle to extend life. Using an innocent woman, Martha, for experimental purposes, a sinister plot unfolds as a foreign dictator vies for the formula. Martha, who has no memory or the ability to choose her fate, is unable to protect herself from the insidious cruelty waged against her. With newfound strength and determination, Martha finally escapes from her antagonist only to find she cannot escape the death sentence he placed inside her. Willow comes to her aid too late, but rallies against her nemeses.

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Willow Whisp, a female government agent, cannot save Martha from a tragic end, but quickly retaliates against her enemies, bringing the devil to his knees with the help of a rash, judgmental, sidekick, Jason, who dislikes functioning beside a shrewd female. The continual bickering between the agents puts the mission in jeopardy more than once, yet, this bickering cements the relationship between the two agents, a bond that cannot be broken. Although obscured in the story, this is a tale of love and trust, success and failure; the journey two people must take to justify their chosen profession.